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4th Annual Hilo Brew Fest: June 18th 2016

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    09 May
    Want to volunteer at the Hilo Brewfest on June 18th at the beautiful Wainaku Executive Center? ...
  • 2016 Hilo BrewFest INFO

    11 February
    Join us on Saturday, June 18 from 2pm to 5pm for the 4th Annual Hilo BrewFest ...
  • 2015 Hilo BrewFest Info

    03 April
    Join us on Saturday, June 13th from 2PM – 6PM  for the 3rd Annual Hilo Brewfest ...

Participating Breweries

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  • Old Tankard Ale

    Old Tankard Ale was America’s number two selling American Ale behind another PBC legacy brand, Ballantine, throughout the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s. Utilizing the original Brewer’s Log recipe from 1937, this historic American Ale will be sure to satisfy today’s Craft centric millennial consumer. Brewed with 2-row, imported Cara-Munich and Cara-Aroma malts with Nugget, Liberty, […]

  • Best Damn Brew Co.

    BEST DAMN Brewing Co. is on a mission to bring you the BEST DAMN thing you’ve had all day. We’ll do whatever it takes to bring you delicious, easy drinking, full-flavored brews that we hope you love as much as we do. http://www.bestdamn.com

  • Modelo

    Modelo Especial is a pilsner-style lager whose original recipe was first brewed in Mexico in 1925, under the vision to create a ‘model’ beer. Since its introduction to the U.S. in the 1990s, Modelo Especial has grown organically from the ground up, gaining its status from below via bodegas, convenience stores, and word-of-mouth. http://www.crownimportsllc.com/ourbrands/modelo.htm

  • Lagunitas

    From points distant and beyond we all converged on Petaluma in 1993 and ’94 with an unenunciated desire to be more than we were before. The core of Lagunitas came from Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, Walker Creek, and the highlands of Quincy. The Chicago contingent initiated the brewing and the gravitational effect of its suchness […]

  • Chimay

    Chimay ales belong to the select set of ales recognized to be authentic Trappist ales. These ales are the products of years of brewing history. Their particular personalities come from their special yeasts and the purity of the abbey’s well water. http://chimay.com/us/

  • Angry Orchard

    Our 60 acre orchard in Walden, NY is nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley is known as the Apple Belt of New York, which is the second largest apple producing state in the country. Apples, like wine grapes, take character from the local soil and climate and the Hudson Valley offers […]

  • Honolulu BeerWorks

    “Our mission is to bring the O’ahu community together.  We hope to accomplish this by offering craft beer that everyone can enjoy. Aloha, is the way of the island’s and the way everyone should drink. So don’t be shy and cheers your bench neighbor! ” http://www.honolulubeerworks.com/

  • Corona

    Corona Extra was introduced in the United States in 1981, and became the fastest growing imported beer in U.S. history. Corona Extra has been brewed and bottled in Mexico since 1925. Corona Extra is the #1 selling imported beer in the U.S. and the #5 selling beer overall. https://coronausa.com

  • Golden Road Breweries

    Explore the various flavors of Los Angeles at the historic Grand Central Market. Golden Road DTLA will feature a Beer & Food counter serving fresh locally-brewed craft beer in one of LA’s most iconic cultural hubs. http://www.goldenroad.la

  • Sapporo

    Sapporo has embodied brewing excellence since 1876, making us Japan’s oldest brand of beer. http://sapporobeer.com

  • Green Flash Brewing

    From humble beginnings came true enlightenment for this leading San Diego-based brewery. Mike and Lisa Hinkley established Green Flash in 2002.  Today, they lead a talented team of like-minded craft beer enthusiasts, who embrace the Green Flash culture and brand vision with passion and zeal. Every batch of beer is a labor of love and […]

  • Goodlife Brewing

    With an Oregon-built 30 barrel, 4-vessel brew system, Goodlife Brewing creates fresh craft ales. Our system is custom designed to produce quality beer. Contemplate the balance it takes to gracefully zip down a tight tree run on Mt. Bachelor. This is the image we perceive when we balance a malt and hop profile, a natural […]

  • 2 Towns Ciderhouse

    At 2 Towns Ciderhouse our aim is Damn Fine Cider. This means cider produced using the best the Northwest has to offer, superior brewing standards, innovation and a lot of love. We insist on using only the finest fresh-pressed 100% NW apples in our ciders. We never take shortcuts in the cider-making process, and never […]

  • Goose Island

    Our famous beer began with a trip across Europe, when Goose Island founder (and unabashed beer lover) John Hall took a tour across the continent. Pint by pint, he savored the styles and selections of brews in every region, and thought to himself, “America deserves some damn fine beer like this, too.” http://www.gooseisland.com

  • Ballast Point Brewing

    The perfect balance of taste and aroma. An obsession with ingredients. An exploration of techniques. And while we savor the result, we’re just as fascinated by the process to get there. What started as a small group of home brewers, who simply wanted to make a better beer, evolved into the adventurers known today as […]

  • Anderson Valley Brewing Company

    Founded in 1987, the Anderson Valley Brewing Company brewed out of a 10-barrel brewhouse, located in the lower level of its brewpub, The Buckhorn Saloon. Gleaming stainless steel vats brewed and fermented barley and other specialty grains to create outstanding ales, porters, stouts, and wheat beers. These brews began as a dream of Kenneth Allen […]

  • Miller/Coors Brewing

    We have a strong team of great people dedicated to our heritage of brewing the highest quality beer. We’re committed to building our great beer brands the right way and have a deep sense of responsibility to the environment, our communities and our beer drinkers. We’re focused on creating big ideas and innovations that create […]

  • Stella Artois

    At Stella Artois, we are extremely proud of our Belgian roots. Our story can be seen on every bottle of Stella Artois. If you look closely, hints of our origins are proudly displayed. http://www.stellaartois.com

  • North Coast Brewing Company

    In addition to Red Seal Ale, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, Scrimshaw Pilsner, and other fine North Coast brands, the brewery has resurrected the old Acme label with a heritage dating back to the San Francisco of the 1860s. http://www.northcoastbrewing.com

  • Blue Moon Brewing Co

    At Blue Moon Brewing Company®, we believe brewing is an art. And it’s been that way since our head brewmaster and founder, Keith Villa, first created Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale back in 1995 in downtown Denver, Colorado. http://www.bluemoonbrewingcompany.com

  • Leinenkugel Brewing – Tenth & Blake

    Tenth and Blake Beer Company, the craft and import division of MillerCoors, is a family of craft breweries, import beers and hard ciders. We’re passionate makers and merchants of great beer and fine cider, with an insatiable desire to learn and teach. http://www.tenthandblake.com

  • Traveler Beer Company

    A sophisticated blend of carefully crafted American wheat ale with fresh and refreshing ingredients. What ingredients? Well, that depends on what kind of Traveler you are. http://travelerbeer.com

  • Widmer Brewing Co.


  • Mehana Brewing Company

    All malt American Style IPA brewed with Two Row, Carmel and Carapils malts. More than 15 pounds (more than a pound per barrel) of Pacific Jade hops are used in the boil, delivering a herbal infusion of fresh citrus and crushed black pepper. An additional 10 pounds of Amarillo and centennial whole leaf hop mixture […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest, Maui Brewing Co.

    Maui Brewing Co.

    Maui Brewing Co. has built a reputation for creating handcrafted beers, brewed using the finest natural ingredients. Founded in 2005 by Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley, Maui Brewing Co. is one of Hawaii’s fastest growing companies and the island’s only microbrewery. http://mauibrewingco.com

  • Hawai’i Nui Brewing

    The ‘ohana at Hawai’i Nui Brewing is passionate about craft beer. We brew small batches of our all-natural ales and lagers from the finest barley malt, wheat, hops and yeast. Our uniquely well-balanced Island Style beer is perfect for Paradise. http://hawaiinuibrewing.com

  • primo


    Primo Brewing Company is a Honolulu-based beer manufacturing company. The company claims the title “Hawai’i’s original beer”. Around 1897 or 1898 the Honolulu Brewing & Malting Company was formed by Honolulu industrialist Alfred Hocking, and launched the Primo Lager brand in 1901. From 1920 to 1933 prohibition caused Primo to halt operations. http://primobeer.com

  • Coronado-Brewing-Company


    The rich history of Anchor Brewing can be traced all the way back to the California gold rush, when German brewer Gottlieb Brekle arrived in San Francisco with his family. http://coronadobrewingcompany.com

  • Anchor Brewing - Hilo Brew Fest

    Anchor Brewing

    Anchor Brewing Company is an American alcoholic beverage producer, operating a brewery and distillery on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, California. The brewery was founded in 1896 and was purchased by Frederick Louis Maytag III, in 1965, saving it from closure. It moved to its current location in 1979. It is one of the last […]

  • Heinekan - Hilo Brew Fest


    Heineken Lager Beer (Dutch: Heineken Pilsener), or simply Heineken (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɦɛinəkən]), is a pale lager beer with 5% alcohol by volume produced by the Dutch brewing company Heineken International. http://www.heineken.com

  • Unibroue - HiloBrewFest Beer


    Unibroue (or Unibrew) is a brewery located in Chambly, Quebec, Canada that was started by Serge Racine and Quebec native, André Dion. The company was purchased by Sleeman Breweries Ltd. in 2004, which was itself taken over by Sapporo in 2006. The company was incorporated in 1993. It exports to the United States (under the […]

  • Vermont Hard Cider

    “There was not a hard cider category out there at that point in time. Nobody had defined what that category should be. Woodchuck Amber did just that. It was an exciting moment.” – Greg Failing http://www.woodchuck.com

  • Sierra Nevada, Hilo Brew Fest

    Sierra Nevada

    Inspired by the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, our beers are designed to be as bold, wild and unwavering as those storied granite peaks. With respect to tradition and an unbridled passion for innovation, Sierra Nevada beers are inspired by the philosophy that anything is possible. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of craft beer […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest, Sam Adams

    Samuel Adams Specialty Drafts

    From the very start, our mission has been to brew distinctive, flavorful beers.  Through continued innovation and exploration we’ve introduced beer drinkers to new flavors — whether capturing the essence of a season or pushing the boundaries of brewing.  Why?  One simple reason — for the love of beer. http://www.samueladams.com/craft-beers

  • Hilo Brew Fest, Lost Cost Brewery

    Lost Coast Brewery

    Lost Coast Brewery distributes its fine ales in 22 states, in Puerto Rico, and in three Canadian Provinces! Lost Coast Brewery has plans to move to a new location where it can barrel to greater heights! Since its humble beginning in 1990, the brewery has outgrown the original facilities and broke records, producing over 50,000 barrels […]

  • Hilo Brewfest, Big Island Brewhause

    Big Island Brewhaus

    Created by award-winning brewer Thomas Kerns, who embraces the traditional art of brewing while creatively “brewing outside the box,” our beers feature a wide range of styles and flavors. We hope to redefine what beer can be: bold, robust, balanced and quench-worthy. We strive to give you five or more of our beers to choose […]

  • Deschutes Brewery

    Located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Deschutes Brewery overlooks the wild and scenic Deschutes River. It’s home base to our adventurous, award-winning lineup of pioneering beers. You’re always welcome to drop in, sample our beers, tour the kettles and meet the beer-obsessed folks who tend them. You can also get an insider tip or two on […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest

    Kona Brewing Co.

    Today Kona Brewing Company’s three flagship beers are widely distributed throughout Hawaii, making Kona the top selling craft beer in the islands. Longboard Island Lager, Big Wave Golden Ale, Fire Rock Pale Ale and our three Aloha Series beers Koko Brown, Pipeline Porter and Wailua Wheat are distributed in 36 states throughout the United States […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest

    Rogue Ales

    Rogue is a small revolution, which expresses itself through handcrafted Ales, Porters, Stouts, Lagers and Spirits, and this is the way we conduct our business. The spirit of the Rogue brand, even the name, suggests doing things differently, a desire and a willingness to change the status quo. A Rogue Ale, Porter, Stout, Lager or […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest, Pabst Brewing Company

    Pabst Brewing Co.

    With over 30 beers in our portfolio, Pabst Brewing Company is the largest American-owned brewery. Since 1844, we’ve taken pride in brewing beers that have become iconic, cherished American brands. Brands that promote regional pride, and brands that express common bonds amongst people all over the world. Pabst is honored to be part of so many […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest

    Shock Top

    Shock Top is a traditional Belgian-Style wheat ale. It was originally created in 2006 as a seasonal brew under the name Spring Heat Spiced Wheat. After collecting gold in ’06 and bronze in ’07 in the Belgian White category at the North American Beer Awards, we decided to brew year-round and switch the name to […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest

    Red Hook

    Well-Built Beer. This pretty much sums up what Redhook is all about. The founders of Redhook, Gordon Bowker and Paul Shipman, had the crazy notion that the people of Seattle would want to drink a better beer. Turns out they were right. And Seattle was only the start. Soon the news of Redhook spread to […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest

    Omission Beer

    Omission is the first craft beer brand in the United States focused exclusively on brewing great tasting craft beers with traditional beer ingredients, including malted barley, specially crafted to remove gluten. Brewed by Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, Oregon, gluten levels in Omission beers are reduced through a proprietary process and tested by an independent […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest

    Mendocino Brewing Company

    We take great pride in being pioneers in the American Craft Brewing Renaissance and even greater pride in our range of ales that beer lovers all over the country have made Legends. We hope that the pages on this site will let you know some more about how we started and about our passion for […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest

    Anderson Valley Brewing Company

    Founded in 1987, the Anderson Valley Brewing Company brewed out of a 10-barrel brewhouse, located in the lower level of its brewpub, The Buckhorn Saloon. Gleaming stainless steel vats brewed and fermented barley and other specialty grains to create outstanding ales, porters, stouts, and wheat beers. These brews began as a dream of Kenneth Allen […]

  • Hilo Brew Fest

    Aloha Beer Company

    Aloha Beer embodies the classic Hawaiian lifestyle.  With the generous spirit of Aloha as a namesake, this is a premium beer that combines the smooth balance of ohana with the refreshing, hand-loose attitude of a Sunday barbecue.  Every bottle of “Hawaii’s Beer” is a heartfelt “wish you were here” message from the Islands of Aloha. […]